2-10x Slower Deployments with Winter ’15?

We’ve recently had deployments spike in several of the client orgs we work with. The worst example jumping from 45 minutes to upwards of 7 hours. A current deployment is 3 hours in and has only completed 30 out of 487 tests. In all cases deployment times are highly variable, but are always nearly double what they use to be, and in some cases are a whole order of magnitude slower.

Does anyone know what changed that would lead to this? Anyone else experiencing this?


Working on closing the question I just posted as a duplicate (Test Execution Slowness):

Anyone else experience a major slowdown in test execution? I have
approximately 300 test methods that I run daily. What used to take
40-60 minutes now takes 2-3 hours, and the slowness is also causing
inbound changesets to fail since some now exceed the time limit
allowed. I’ve run the “slow” tests in the sandbox and they run in well
under 60 seconds, so there’s no issue with the test classes

Anyone else having this issue?

Short answer, yes, I’m in the exact same boat.


After waiting several days for a response on my ticket, I received a polite “f off” since I don’t have upgraded support. I hope someone else is able to get this actually prioritized.

We have developed a new channel for Salesforce customers and partners
who have not purchased Premier Success plans to receive answers to
their developer support questions and to receive assistance if they
have run into a bug or platform issue.

Standard customers and basic partners are being directed to the
developer support boards at https://developer.salesforce.com/.

Salesforce technical support staffs resources that now do the

1) Ensure all developer support posts receive a response 2) Monitor
posts for possible platform bugs and issues not related to customer or
partner code 3) Log support cases for confirmed issues and drive to
resolution through normal support processes

Please help us educate our customers and partners that they now have a
channel available to them that did not exist before. Please help them
understand that we will help them and we will open support cases for
bugs or issues with the platform.

Salesforce Customers can receive more information about our premier
success plans here:

Salesforce partners can receive more information regarding Partner
Developer Support which gives them the ability to log developer
support cases, as well as all the success plans available to partners,


An internal salesforce chatter feed says that WINTER ’15 PATCH 13.0 will be released today!

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