Accessing a Salesforce sandbox through API

can someone with salesforce API integration help me understand the requirements to access a client’s Sandbox? I need to access the sandbox and pull data into our MySQL server.

I hired a programmer but he seems to be having a hard time accessing the sandbox and I want to try to help by guiding him in the right direction? Client provided us with the following credentials for the sandbox.

Target URL:
password: xxxxxxx
token: gave us a token to access through API.

Your help will be greatly appreciated…


In addition to sfdcfox pointing out that you generally login to a sandbox at, there is another option. Since you are using my domain you can login through its URL:

Production URL:

Sandbox URL: https://mydomain--sandboxName.[Instance] Note that the instance can change when the sandbox is refreshed.

Does the client have it configured so you must login through their custom domain? If not, use

Source : Link , Question Author : Dante Vidal , Answer Author : Mike Chale

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