Add different materials to different parts of a mesh?

How do you add more than one material to a mesh?

I have tried adding two materials to the object, and then assigning one of the materials to a vertex-group, but I could not find a place to assign it.

I am making a striped bouncy ball that I want to deform, so adding a different material by separating the mesh into different objects would not be ideal.

Using two different objects to have different materials


You need to be in edit mode.

  1. Select the part of the mesh you want to add the material to:

Selecting the faces.

  1. Click the “+” icon on the right side of “material” shown in the image below to create a new material.

  2. Let’s give the new material a green color.

  3. Click the Assign button in the Materials tab under the list of materials:

enter image description here

(for older versions)

Assign button under Materials tab.

And you’re done!

Final Resault

*_Note that when using this method there can be a sharp contrast between the two materials._

Source : Link , Question Author : Stephen , Answer Author : susu

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