Add the Same Modifier to Multiple Objects at Once?

Is it possible to add a modifier to more than one mesh at once?

I have a lot of unique objects, and I want to set a subdivide modifier to them, would I have to do each one individually?

I have tried selecting all the objects and then adding a modifier, but as I expected, it only added it to the active object.

Trying to add modifier to more than one object at once.


You cannot use the modifier panel to apply a modifier to multiple objects, it only applies it to the one selected last. However, you can use Ctrl + L to copy the modifier on one mesh to all the other selected ones. You select the object(s) to apply the modifier to then the one that has the modifier.

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Cool new trick thanks to Greg Zaal

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If you Alt-Click on a property, it’ll work on all the selected objects at once, not just the active object. This works on most properties, including modifiers (as long as all the modifiers have the same name, which they do by default).

Source : Link , Question Author : Stephen , Answer Author : Community

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