Any Visualforce Data Grid plugins?

Any recommendations on grids that are richer than standard HTML tables?I need a data grid to list sObject rows and attribute columnd on a VF page under a Salesforce tab.

The attributes are a mix of string dates, URLs. On each row I want CRUD buttons to edit or delete records. Built in column sorting, filtering etc.

I’ve previously used WiceGrid for RoR and looking for anything equivalent for VF –


While this is a javascript grid implementation as opposed to a visualforce one, I cannot speak highly enough about Slickgrid. It is flexible so you will be able to add buttons in each row and also extremely performant, capable of handling even hundreds of thousands of records.

It has the built-in column sorting and filtering you are looking for, in addition to many other features. Here is an example of slickgrid doing both of those things:

I have used slickgrid successfully many times and getting data into it can be as simple as hooking up a javascript remoting call that just returns query results on the apex side.

Source : Link , Question Author : wisemanIV , Answer Author : Phil Rymek

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