Anyone else have this problem?: googling developer related issues returns foreign language documentation

I’m not sure where else to take this issue…

Basically, I’ve noticed in past weeks that generic searches for apex/vf documentation is returning the correct SF documentation.. but in Japanese.

Salesforce provides their developer documentation in several languages – in fact, you can change the article language on the fly via a dropdown on their Apex workbook

The weird thing is, I haven’t ever used the Japanese language version of their docs, but for some reason a couple weeks ago that’s what started showing up on any Google search results for dev documentation. Weirder still, the english version doesn’t show up lower in the list or anything.

Here’s a screenshot of the results of a google search for ‘Try catch apex’.
enter image description here

Has anyone else had this issue? Is this a client-side issue that I can resolve, or has google just been messing with the SEO of the different language versions of their docs?


I think it depends on salesforce instance where you log-in. After that chrome takes the language of the salesforce instance where you logged-in.

Please check the instance of the org where you logged and confirm if it Japanese/chinese.

Source : Link , Question Author : smohyee , Answer Author : Arun SFDC

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