Apex Debug logs not showing

I am having a huge issue of debug logs not showing. In a piece of code I know for sure that is being hit I have the System.debug statement that should be printing but it’s not.

If I take out the variable I am trying to see the value of it will print.

For example this prints:

System.debug('This is the value');

But this will not print

System.debug('This is the value' + val);

I am not understanding why the debug statement will not print with the variable

These are the debug levels that are set
enter image description here


There are variety of possible reasons you should check.

1) If the log is too big it skips portion of log and add line like :
*** Skipped XXXXXXXX bytes of detailed log

2) The variable val is empty string

3) You may have many System.debug and may be referring to wrong line number. Log shows line number with output check that.

Source : Link , Question Author : TemporaryFix , Answer Author : AtulRajguru9

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