Apex Modular Programming

I have a big Apex controller of a visual force page ,2500 lines of code, so i m wondering how can i separate implemented features in different module according to the topic.

DealRowEdit(Apex controller) will be splitted in PricingConvertion, ProductSelection modules.

I´m thinking to create a different class for each feature:
1 class “PricingConvertion”
2 class “ProductSelection”
and then in DealRowEdit controller to call methods of the helper classes.

Am i right?

Do you have some reference to a force.com best practice to design modular programming?
I haven´t found something about this.

Thanks in adavantage for any advice


I instruct all my developers to design their Apex Classes using APEX SOC (Seperation of Conerns)

Excellent Engineer Articles Here:


Source : Link , Question Author : Enry , Answer Author : CoryCowgill

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