Apex & VF Code of Send Quote as E-Mail

I’d like to send my own Quote-PDF as E-Mail and not use the useless Salesforce Quote-PDF function. Problem is, using my own templates I can no longer use the native send Quote per E-Mail button. My question is if there is an override to this, so I can continue to the page and simply attach my own document. Perhaps with JavaScript?

In my fear that this isn’t possible, anyone have the VF & Controller Code of the page, so I don’t need to write the entire thing myself? I want to have the same page and everything but simply use my Conga Composer PDFs.

I’d be very glad to hear your responses!


What I did once was remove the buttons on the Quote Page Layout for viewing/emailing the PDF and replace them with my own custom buttons. I ended up having a VF page that the button would go to that displayed the PDF (in an iframe) and let the user save or email the PDF via buttons on that page.

Hopefully the information isn’t outdated, I posted about it a while back: http://michaelwelburn.com/2013/03/18/sending-visualforce-pages-as-email-attachments-in-salesforce/

Source : Link , Question Author : Atroxy , Answer Author : Michael Welburn

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