App disappears from Permission Set included with package

We’re working on our first Salesforce package, and recently switched from creating Beta packages to a Managed Package.

For some reason, the permission set that we’re pushing loses the entry in Assigned Apps and I have no idea why. Our custom tabs and objects come through just fine. The App is installed as part of the package, and is visible to System Administrators. I can create a new permission set on our Test Org that includes the package.

Early on in our testing and development, when we were pushing unmanaged or beta packages, I could have sworn that I saw this working correctly.

Am I missing some sort of overriding permissions issue, that prevents our Permission Set from granting access to our Application?


Unfortunately, App and Tab visibility settings from packaged permission sets do not reflect in the destination org because Assigned Apps and tab visibility settings are not included in permission set components.

This is mentioned in the Packaging Guide. You can vote up for this Idea on IdeaExchange so that this may get considered for a future release.

Source : Link , Question Author : tomlogic , Answer Author : Samruddhi Patil

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