Are there alternatives to cometd for listening to platform events in lightning components

This Trailhead Project uses cometd to display platform events in Lightning components.

Are there any alternatives I could use to subscribe to platform events in lightning components?


My understanding is the only ways to monitor Platform events (as at Summer ’17) is either via the Bayeux messaging protocol with cometd or via Apex triggers subscribed to the events.

In the Dreamforce 2016 and Heroku: Building a Connected System Through Platform Events there was a point on the Roadmap about “Additional messaging protocols” being supported. I heard the following from the youtube video and adjusted based on Google results – AMQP, MQTT, STOMP.
enter image description here

However, fast forward to TrailheaDx 2017 with Event Driven Architectures with Platform Events and it no longer shows up on the roadmap.

enter image description here

So, right now I think if falls into the forward looking statements category.

If you have a request for a specific messaging protocol or something more directly integrated with lightning, bring it up in the dedicated
Official: Platform Events Chatter group or on ideas.

Source : Link , Question Author : Christian Szandor Knapp , Answer Author : Daniel Ballinger

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