attributeSetDefinitions REST-API returns 404 Not Found

I’m not able to get a attributeSetDefinitions response from the REST-API using eg. GET /contacts/v1/schemas/c064556a-71a2-e511-96fe-38eaa7142c61/attributeSetDefinitions.
I get a 404 Not Found.

I’m using the documentation here:

First I use the schemaID I got from GET /contacts/v1/schemas.
But somehow none of the schemaIDs in the response works in the attributeSetDefinitions-endpoint.

Any advice?


Alas, the documentation appears to be incorrect. You can’t appear to get Attribute Set Definitions by schema.

The correct route to use is:


This will return all Attribute Set Definitions in your Contact Model

You can then retrieve information for an individual Attribute Set Definition by using the route:


Where {{id}} is an Attribute Set Definition Id returned in the previous step (however the previous step displays all Attribute Set Definitions so you probably don’t need this).

Source : Link , Question Author : Daniel Kokott , Answer Author : Eliot Harper

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