Auto populate picklist when creating a opportunity

We have a country and district text field on the User object.
We have country and district pick list field on the opportunity object.

When a user creates a new opportunity, the very first time, we want the Country and District pick list to be auto populated matching their country and district field on their User record.

I can write a before Insert/upd trigger to auto populate and after they hit Save, but I could not figure out a way to auto populate the Country and District picklist on the opportunity the very first time, when they try to create it..

Any suggestions; we are using the standard Oppty page layout not VF; we dont want to take that route just to accomplish this request..


If I were you, I’d either create a custom button that populates those picklist fields with the values from the running User’s record OR create a visualforce page and extension to override the “New” action on the Opportunity object.

Either way, you’d just need to prefill the URL with the parameters from the User record.

Source : Link , Question Author : user5352 , Answer Author : sfdcJameson

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