Backup options for salesforce org

Can you please suggest the backup options available for salesforce org?

I want to have daily backup of my salesforce production org having around 1 TB of data (both records and metadata) so that i can restore it back to any date.

Does salesfore have any functionality to achieve this ?
Is there any recommended tool that can support this ?


Salesforce does maintain back up data and can recover it, it’s
important to regularly back up your data locally so that you have the
ability restore it to avoid relying on Salesforce backups to recover
your data. The recovery process is time consuming and resource
intensive and typically involves an additional fee. To avoid recovery
fees and be able to recover your data whenever needed, you can use the
following backup and recovery methods.

Data Export Service
– This service is available for users with the “Data Export” profile permission by navigating to Setup, Data Management | Data Export. For more details see Exporting Backup Data.

  • (In the New UI ‘ Lightning ‘, users will find this under Setup Home | Data | Data Export)

Data Loader
– The Data Loader is available for API Enabled organizations (Enterprise Edition and above by default) and can be used to export specific data.

  • See the Export Data documentation for more detailed instructions.

Report Export

  • Build a New Report containing the data that you’d like to backup

  • Export the report and select Comma Delimited .csv for the Export File Format.

I would suggest using a version control. It’s the best way for managing all changes into your project, store history of changes and comfortable team work.

Salesforce: Automatic Metadata Backup with Migration Tool

Source : Link , Question Author : Vinay Chanchlani , Answer Author : Devendra

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