Bible site that provides an API [closed]

Does anyone know if there is a site that let’s you search the (Christian) Bible and also provides an API to their search? Preferably free but not mandatory. Support of the NIV would also be ideal.


Faithlife (publisher of the Logos Bible software) has the API, with “services that get information about the available Bibles (Find, Image), download the text of those Bibles (Content), and search those Bibles (Search). Additional services support validating Bible references (Parse), comparing Bible references (Compare), and finding Bible references in text and HTML (Scan, Tag).”

They also offer a Reftagger API that provides an instant popup of a verse’s text when you have the verse reference listed. It looks to be a nice alternative to just having the text listed straight away.

Source : Link , Question Author : squillman , Answer Author : Michael

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