Calculating AUPR in R [closed]

It is easy to find a package calculating area under ROC, but is there a package that calculates the area under precision-recall curve?


As of July 2016, the package PRROC works great for computing both ROC AUC and PR AUC.

Assuming you already have a vector of probabilities (called probs) computed with your model and the true class labels are in your data frame as df$label (0 and 1) this code should work:


fg <- probs[df$label == 1]
bg <- probs[df$label == 0]

# ROC Curve    
roc <- roc.curve(scores.class0 = fg, scores.class1 = bg, curve = T)

# PR Curve
pr <- pr.curve(scores.class0 = fg, scores.class1 = bg, curve = T)

PS: The only disconcerting thing is you use scores.class0 = fg when fg is computed for label 1 and not 0.

Here are the example ROC and PR curves with the areas under them:

ROC Curve with AUC

PR Curve with AUC

The bars on the right are the threshold probabilities at which a point on the curve is obtained.

Note that for a random classifier, ROC AUC will be close to 0.5 irrespective of the class imbalance. However, the PR AUC is tricky (see What is “baseline” in precision recall curve).

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