Calculating Case Due Date excluding weekends and holidays – looking for non coded solution

I am searching for a non code way of getting to this;

Calculating Case Due Date excluding weekends and holiday

I have a formula which calculates due date excluding weekends, this works great.

I now want to extend this to include (n) number of holidays. I want to store these in either custom setting or custom object then reference from the case. I have tried a number of things using formula fields and workflow rules but hit limitations each time i.e. can’t use vlookup or list type custom settings.

Before diving into APEX solution are there any tricks or free apps out there which could help with this?

 CASE( MOD(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) - DATE(1900, 1, 7), 7), 0, (DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) + SLA_Days__c+ FLOOR((SLA_Days__c-1)/5)*2, 1, (DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) + SLA_Days__c+ FLOOR((SLA_Days__c)/5)*2, 2, (DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) + SLA_Days__c+ FLOOR((SLA_Days__c+1)/5)*2, 3, (DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) + SLA_Days__c+ FLOOR((SLA_Days__c+2)/5)*2, 4, (DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) + SLA_Days__c+ FLOOR((SLA_Days__c+3)/5)*2, 5, (DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) + SLA_Days__c+ CEILING((SLA_Days__c)/5)*2, 6, (DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) - IF(SLA_Days__c>0,1,0) + SLA_Days__c+ CEILING((SLA_Days__c)/5)*2, null) 


Entitlements feature fits our need completely. I was please to see it also supports STC like functionality.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Gill , Answer Author : Michael Gill

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