Calculating the expected value of truncated normal

Using the mills ratio result, let XN(μ,σ2), then


However, when calculating it in R. I don't obtain the correct results as

> mu <- 1
> sigma <- 2 
> a <- 3 
> x <- rnorm(1000000, mu, sigma) 
> x <- x[x < a] 
> mean(x)
[1] 0.4254786
> mu -  sigma * dnorm(a, mu, sigma) / pnorm(a, mu, sigma)
[1] 0.7124

What am I doing wrong?


Your formula implementation is wrong because,
As you can see, we have an extra σ in the denominator of fX,μ,σ(x), which yields:
dnorm method gives you fX,μ,σ(x), where you need to multiply it with σ to obtain ϕ. Since your σ=2, this can be practically done via subtracting the second term again, which is 10.7124=0.2876:
which is close to your estimate.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kozolovska , Answer Author : gunes

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