Calling future method from Batch

I have a requirement where a future method need to be called from batch apex ,I came across various articles stating that a future method could not be called from the batch.
Is there any alternate solutions for that?



(not batch but…).

I was investigating the ScheduledDispatcher:

And lo and behold this works:

global class ScheduledDispatcher Implements Schedulable{

    public Interface IScheduleDispached{
        void execute(SchedulableContext sc);

    global void execute(SchedulableContext sc){
        Type targetType = Type.forName('{HANDLERNAME');
        if(targetType != null){
            IScheduleDispached obj = (IScheduleDispached)targetType.newInstance();


public class {HANDLERNAME} implements ScheduledDispatcher.IScheduleDispached {

  public void execute(SchedulableContext sc)

        //Call your Future Method Here



If you still need to do it from within the batch context you can do as previously suggested:

public static method1(){



public static method2(){


call method1 from the batch and method2 from elsewhere

Source : Link , Question Author : Manoj Chandran , Answer Author : Eric

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