Can I embed a Trello board into my site?

Simply, I would like to get a chromeless version of a Trello board and embed it directly into the ‘tasks’ page of my site. I’d still have my site’s header and footer around it.

I guess I could just use an iFrame, but is there a more elegant solutions to this?

Also I would like to theme it to suit the rest of the site…

Anyone knows where to start with this?


Sure you can. Check these links out:

Consider this as an example card:

You can link to a card as a photo using the following:

<img src="" />

enter image description here

You could embed an iframe as follows:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

You can also do a javascript that writes the card into your page:

<script src=""></script>

which writes out some html using document.write("<html content>")

Another way is to request a card’s JSON

All of these are available using a board as well…

Source : Link , Question Author : Dean Rather , Answer Author : jonsca

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