Can Partner Community users edit their email preferences?

Standard Salesforce users can got to Setup > My Email Setting (or to get this page:

enter image description here

is a comparable setting also available for Partner Community users? The are not allowed to visit the URL mentioned above. Also I did not find any other place to tweak it?

At My Settings > Email Settings a got some stuff but no place where I can change the Email Name and Signature. Is that missing for Partner Users?

enter image description here

Extra question: for Standard Users where in the database (on which object) these settings will be saved? What are their API names? I was not able to locate the Email Name and Signature on the user record. Should I look anywhere else?


According to the Salesforce Communities Implementation guide, users can edit their email preferences in:

Your Name > Edit Contact Info, then click Contact

Reason you can’t see the option to set these prefs might be that the field is restricted from viewing through the API.

Source : Link , Question Author : Uwe Heim , Answer Author : Fred

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