Can Salesforce Platform License Users Approve via Email?

Looking for confirmation on whether users with the ‘Salesforce Platform’ license can approve via email.

In the past, I’ve worked with customers where this worked, but getting an error in one customer’s org “An error occurred and your workflow approval message was not processed. Please contact your system administrator.”

If I move the user to a full Salesforce license, then the email approval works fined, but not with the ‘Salesforce Platform’ license.

Users’ profile has ‘Api enabled’ permission fyi.


The use case here is that we’re working with a customer to implement FinancialForce PSA and configuring approval for a Timecard object via email.

It seems as though I recall we’ve been able to do email approvals with Salesforce Platform users in the past, because if we shift the user from Salesforce Platform to Salesforce license, then they’re able to approve via email.

Source : Link , Question Author : user2263 , Answer Author : DallasDeuce

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