Can’t get rid of Customer Portal dependency in Managed package

I have a managed package which once use Customer Portal features. I think I removed them all (at least I can’t find them) but whenevery I try to upload a new major or patch release the Customer Portal requirement checkbox is checked and cannot be unchecked.

  1. Where or how can I see what components are the cause for this requirement.
  2. Can it be that the requirement persists even without any causes?
  3. In case of 2) how can I get rid of it, especially in a world where nobody wants portals anymore 😉

EDIT: The is no explicit dependancy listed on the View Dependency Page.


Did you click on the View Dependencies button in the Package page layout?

It should show you what components are causing feature dependencies in the package

Once you remove whatever dependency exists, it should automatically disappear — we’ve accidentally created references to fields on Contact or User that are only present in a portal-enabled org and once we made those soft references, the dependency went away by itself

But it’s also worth checking the Customer Portal checkbox on the Upload page to make sure it isn’t turned on explicitly:

Source : Link , Question Author : Robert Sösemann , Answer Author : daveespo

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