Can’t tag people in Google Photos

I have began investigating Google Photos now that they offer unlimited free storage.

I have uploaded a handful of photos from my iPhone using the Google App. Now when I try to view photos, either through iOS or Web, I do not see an option for tagging faces.

How do you tag faces using the web front end for Google Photos?


I don’t know when it was added, but shortly after the functionality for naming groups of faces in Android and iOS it is now available on the web interface of Google Photos.

  1. Click into the “Search” box
  2. Find a group of faces you want to name. You may need to click “More” to see all of the groups
  3. Click “Who’s this? Add a private label to search by name” and give the group a name.
    Face group name prompt

    You’ll be prompted with names of people in your Contacts and possibly in your Google+ Circles, but you can put any text you want.

Now you can search for that person by the name you have given.

This is also how you can merge two face groups when a single person has been mistakenly identified as two different people.

More information from Google Support.

Do note: Facial recognition/grouping is not available in all countries.

Source : Link , Question Author : rf_wilson , Answer Author : ale

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