My Viewport shows weird dots in Material Preview and in Render Mode

So I Started modelling my car model and when I just try to preview it in Material View it keeps showing these weird black dots. It also keeps showing in render previews (Eevee & Cycles). But the rendered final output is fine, it only effects in viewport. Can anyone figure out why? [Blender 2.93.5] Laptop … Read more

How to rotate the view around center of the (3D Viewport) screen?

I would like to know if and how it would be possible to rotate around the center of the screen. My current settings are: Orbit around selection. Zoom to mouse position. This works well until your using arrays, then these 2 options becomes obsolete. I tried also the N key and then lock to cursor … Read more

Viewport is screwing up

I’ve been progressively saving a project using mac. In the latest save, the viewport shading modes are completely screwed up. However, previous saves look ok. I’ve restarted, quit, re-opened.. pretty much everything, however this latest save has screwed up. Camera view and rendered views look fine, only the viewport shading modes Answer AttributionSource : Link … Read more

Grease Pencil weird render

I’m trying to draw on meshes and keep the mesh as a fill color (still a mesh). First, I added a solidify modifier on the mesh I’m gonna draw on and set the thickness to -.01. Then I set my grease pencil to draw on surface with 0 offset. I delete the modifier soon after. … Read more