Confusion about IJVM

I was reading the chapter 4 of the book ‘Computer Architecture’ by Tanenbaum (since my copy is not in English maybe the title of the English version is not exactly that one), however it is the chapter about the microarchitecture level. I understood the overall mechanism of the IJVM: one ISA instruction (or Java bytecode) … Read more

How to fetch the resistor values of AD8403 (digPot) programmatically?

I’m using Arduino to control a digital potentiometer via SPI. I can set the resistor values, but I wonder, 1- Can I read the resistor value also via the same SPI interface? Here is the data sheet of AD8403. I’ve looked over it but couldn’t find related information. There is also a SDO pin on … Read more

Embedded Systems Programming using Java [closed]

Closed. This question is opinion-based. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it can be answered with facts and citations by editing this post. Closed 6 years ago. Improve this question Is Java good-to-learn-next language for an embedded software engineer who mainly develops firmwares and drivers? If … Read more

Ethernet Port Listener Throughput Maximisation

We have a distributed sensor network (12 nodes), using Ethernet as the backend protocol. These are networked at 100Mb/s to a single 1Gb/s link using a 16-port switch. I’ve previously seen Java and C code to listen to a port. However our aim is to get data into the hard drive ASAP. The nodes will … Read more

Java/Arduino Controlled 120VAC Power Outlet

I’m working on a project with an end goal of controlling a power outlet with a Java program. Currently, I have the relay wired to outlets, a 3 prong 120 VAC plug, and my Arduino. Everything works as intended: my Java program can trigger the relay/outlets on and off. The problem: When I have a … Read more

RS232 which pin i can connect together to receive a input signal in my Java application listening on ttyUSB0 or ttyS0?

I am trying to make a very simple BUTTON (simple wire RED/YELLOW only). Now if the Button is pressed (RED touch YELLOW) i want to receive input signal in my Java application (that button was pressed). In which ports of RS233(DB9) i should patch the RED/YELLOW wire? So that any button pressed i get in … Read more