Custom settings in Managed package

We have a managed package and include some triggers.We have to give a option to stop a trigger in subscriber’s org. Could someone please suggest us the following option is good or not. Create a custom setting as public visibility creates boolean fields like isLeadtriggerstop,isaccounttriggerstop In triggers,skip the code if the custom setting field is … Read more

Deactivate process builder while uninstalling the managed package

I’ve added a few process builders in my managed package. Now when a subscriber uninstalls our package, they’ve to first deactivate all the process builders. So is there any way we can deactivate our process builders through the apex? So we can write it in the postinstall script & deactivate our process builders before uninstalling … Read more

Unable to update namespace of custom labels in managed package

I have a lightning component as part of a managed package that uses few custom labels. The custom labels are saved with the default namespace like {!$Label.c.label_name}. I am trying to update this line with the relevant namespace like {!$Label.nameSpace.label_name}. After changing the namespace and saving the component successfully, on refreshing the code reverts to … Read more

Unable to find Lightning Component when creating new version of managed package

I get the error: AuraDefinitionBundle – ComponentName No COMPONENT named markup://PackageNameSpace:ComponentName found I can’t figure out how to resolve this when I create my managed package. Previously, this component has always uploaded just fine with the managed package. It only recently started having an issue. I tried updating the API version of components in my … Read more

AuraDefinitionBundle No APPLICATION named markup://

I’m facing yet another odd error when attempting to upload my managed package. It is throwing this AuraDefinitionBundle – InitialLinkingApp No APPLICATION named markup://[namespace_redacted]:InitialLinkingApp found That app definitely exists, and is in the package. Before this would only happen if we had a postInstall script defined but now it’s doing it even without the script. … Read more

Global invocablemethod for Professional edition org

Professional edition can have up to 5 process builders, but their immediate action doesn’t contain “Apex”. If we install a managed package which has a global invocable method, will the Apex appear as an immediate action in process builder or not? Does anyone know about this or have exposed the invocable method for the Professional … Read more

How i can i control access of multiple apps in a one Salesforce package, when a customer installed it

I have multiple apps in a package. I don’t want to give access to all apps for selected customers. is there a way I can control which app they can access in the package Answer The platform supports a feature licensing mechanism as described in Manage Features. This allows you to turn on and off … Read more

Delete Report Folder From Managed Package

We have managed package with custom Reports. We are planning to clean up some folders. Will it be a problem if report folder is deleted from Managed package which is already added in package earlier. Answer According to Salesforce Documentation, you are able to delete Reports and Folders from Managed Package without contacting Salesforce support … Read more