What design considerations determine what kind of power supply I should use for a high-side FET?

I’m presently considering building a half-bridge converter, which means I have a transistor that’s not tied to circuit common. To drive it, I’ll need some voltage supply referenced to its source. This is a common problem with many switching topologies. I’m aware of two general ways to power such a driver: a magnetically isolated DC/DC … Read more

H-bridge using solid state relay instead bootstrap IC

experts! Good afternoon. I am working on a project using a H-bridge. It must work at 100V and, then, i first designed a bootstrap circuit with 2 IR7304S (attached picture). Then i was wondering if two solid state relay could perform the same thing, replacing the bootstrap circuit and removing the MOSFETs. The objective is … Read more

Bootstrapping in discontinuous mode

I am designing a buck converter that would charge a battery and planning to use an N type MOSFET on high side and FAN7085_GF085 driver to go with it. Datasheet: (Can’t post more than 2 links, sorry). Application note: https://www.fairchildsemi.com/application-notes/AN/AN-9052.pdf If the converter happens to go to discontinuous mode however, the diode stops conducting -> … Read more