Need help figuring out 8 heater PID controller circuit

I am building heater controller system for 8 heaters using PIDs and contactors. Heaters are divided into 4 groups i.e. 4 pairs of heaters. Each group has its seperate thermocoupler, PID and contactor. We can set desired temperature for any group and respective PID will control heater contactor to toggle heater. Both heater in a … Read more

DIY Ebike BLDB motor controller, low torque, is it my motor?

I’ve designed a 3 phase inverter for driving a BLDC hub motor. The design (if anyone wants to look at schematics, is here). This works well, the motor spins up and down fine, no worries. However, if I try to hold the wheel/motor (the wheel is 65cm in diameter, if that helps), applying torque, when … Read more

Problem with TRIAC-TDA1085c circuit

I have a problem with a TDA1085c circuit. The board has 2 terminal switch with a moving shaft.There are 3 positions. Position 0 (motor stopped) position 1 (right-handed rotation) and position 3 (left-handed rotation). At the same time, moving with the shaft a potentiometer to adjust the speed. If it has been pressed position 1 … Read more

Quick state feedback controller question

If two estimators where used in a state feedback system, one with error dynamics poles at -10 and -9 and another one at -80 and -90. Which system will give you a better overall performance? Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Community

How do I configure the DDR controller in an FPGA?

I am a beginner with FPGAs and I am trying to run a ‘Hello world’ project on a Zynq Ultrascale+ SoC (my SoC is the ZU3EG). The ZU3EG is mounted on a development-board which contains the following memory: K4A8G165WB-BIRC ( and I need to configure the DDR controller that is used to access the memory. … Read more

Host (baseband) controller in mobile phone

Hi mobile world I met many times the term “host controller” or “baseband controller” used interchangeably in the context of being the heart of the mobile. What exaclty is that, som SoC with CPU, GPU, GSM modem??? Answer Typically the ‘host’ refers to the master device/entity that belongs to the side of the computer. It … Read more