Visualforce Page Permission for all Profiles

I want to provide Visualforce Page permission to all profiles (Custom and Standard) in one single shot. I have 20 Profiles in the list and it will be tough to do it manually. Answer 1) Navigate to Visualforce Page from Global Search. 2) Search for the VF which you want to provide profile access. 3) … Read more

Impacts on Page Layouts, Record Types, Objects and Fields on Profiles Clean Up

Since the Salesforce org becomes old, there is a need for Clean up. On this process, looking to clean up the profiles in the org. I have already created an Administrative User report to check the Active and Inactive User counts for each profile. This is very helpful to clean up the profiles which are … Read more

How can I overcome a “session is not valid for use with the API” error when accessing AJAX Toolkit as a Community user?

I’m attempting to use the AJAX Toolkit to access the current Account ID of the logged-in user from within a community site. (The particular community is managed by Nimble AMS, and is referred to as “Community Hub.” It appears to be a fairly straightforward community site.) The reason I need to access the Account … Read more

Can’t create a new “system administrator” user

A few days ago I created a new “system administrator” user in this way: service setup – users – new user license: salesforce profile: system administrator But now I can’t. I don’t have the option “salesforce” for the “user license” field that is the only license that allows the “system administrator” profile. Now “user license” … Read more

Reporting on Profile and Login IP Range

Is there an easy way to build a report type that would allow me to build a report on the profile and Login IP Range permissions. I have profiles with either no Login IP Ranges or IP’s that need to be removed. Building a simple Salesforce report would be quicker that other options. Answer That … Read more

Related List is not showing up…?

I’m having an issue that a related list is not showing up on the detail page of the Asset object. When I try with the ‘System Administrator’ profile it shows up, but when I try with other profiles, it just won’t show. As I have searched around the Internet, all I could find as a … Read more

VS Code retrieve Profile data

I retrieved with VS code all my profile, with * Profile in package.xml. But in definition of a profile “profileName-meta.xml”, i can’t find userPermission with false value. Anyone can help me? thanks Answer Profile Metadata Question – False User permissions If they don’t have a userpermission, then it wouldn’t be there as opposed to … Read more

Record detail view is not visible for partner users

Working on custom object let’s call it as ‘channel plan’ owd is private. – Displaying few channel plan records based on code. Apex class is without sharing. In community,I can able to view records, If I click on record links i can able to open detail page of few records and few records detail page … Read more

Read Access to Parent, but No Access to Child – Master/Detail

I have a master-detail relationship between two custom objects. I have read, create, edit on the parent record, but no access at all to the child due to profile permissions for the user I am looking at. I thought if you had read access to the parent object you could by extension have read access … Read more

prevent deletion of records even the user profile having Modify All permission

I want to prevent users from deleting the records even if they have modify all data permission. Please suggest. Answer You should handle this scenario of deletion based on Custom Permission set assigned to the users, otherwise, even system admin cannot delete the records. So, in the trigger of before delete context verify custom permission … Read more