Feynman diagrams in three dimensions

Is there such a thing as an extension of Feynman diagrams into three dimensions? Canonical Feynman diagrams use one space and one time dimension to visualize processes involving elementary particles in space-time. This is very convenient for presenting them on a two-dimensional surface, such as in an academic paper. It seems to me that with … Read more

Physical visualisation of curvature

I was wondering-how do you visualise curvature in the context of general relativity. The gravity well and trampoline analogies are quite wrong, so I want a more realistic approach to it (say, the way Einstein himself might have visualised it). Mathematically, it all makes sense, but I am not really sure how does this really … Read more

What observable is visualized in lattice QCD visualizations?

I have seen a couple of visualizations of lattice QCD, for instance the images by Derek Leinweber. Using my own data I would like to make similar visualizations. I am just not sure what I actually see on this image. The quantity visualized must be a gauge invariant observable. So just using the links Uμν … Read more

How could the universe be hyperbolic if hyperbolic space isn’t symmetrical?

In the 2-D projections of the shape of the universe shown here, we see that the flat universe and the spherical universe are perfectly symmetrical, so any triangle drawn anywhere on them will be the same. However, the hyperbolic universe appears to only be symmetrical on two axes, so any triangle drawn anywhere on it … Read more

Identity of dynamical Dpp-branes

In my String Theory course, we introduced Dp-branes, and I’m having trouble picturing them as dynamical objects. We analyzed the open and closed bosonic strings, found the EoM, quantized them, and found out that their oscillations can be seen as the various fields that we already know, so their interpretation is, to me, relatively simple. … Read more

How does warped space actually look (visually)?

Recently, I was reading about space warping due to extreme gravity and at speeds approaching c, but in books, they always show space in 2D and depth to show space distortion. I was wondering how exactly warped space look in actual? Answer As you travel through the warped spacetime, you would not notice much difference. … Read more

How to interpret this image of AdS5×S5AdS_5\times S^5?

In the context of AdS/CFT an image like the following (coming from this article by David Mateos) is often shown: but I’m not really sure if I interpret it correctly. As the article says, we have a static spacelike stack of Nc infinite 3-D branes (assumed to be at zero separation), whose energy density deforms … Read more

Visualizing Electromagnetic Waves in 3D Space [closed]

Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post. Closed 7 years ago. Improve this question I did one module of physics for my GCSE one year ago which taught me … Read more

How fast do I need to go in order to avoid being seen by the Police?

I was driving down the road at roughly the speed of traffic. I saw a police officer parked on the side of the road, and also noticed that a Semi was traveling in the lane right next to him. This got me thinking, is it possible to avoid being seen from the officer by using … Read more