Method is failing in Production Only : Field is not writeable: CaseShare.CaseId

I am trying to Deploy below code in production but getting errors as Errors : Field is not writeable: CaseShare.CaseId Field is not writeable: CaseShare.UserOrGroupId Code: public void updateOwnerAndShareCase(){ try{ System.debug(‘Inside class method’); System.debug(‘recordId**’+CaseRecordId); List<Case> caseList=[SELECT Id,CaseNumber,OwnerId FROM Case WHERE Id=:CaseRecordId LIMIT 1]; if(caseList.size()>0){ System.debug(‘caseList**’+caseList[0]); List<User> userList=[SELECT Id, UserName FROM User WHERE Name=’XXXX’ LIMIT 1]; … Read more

Deploy change set from sandbox to production unavailable

I have a process builder which I want to build to production, when I create a change set it says that this change set requires the “45.0” or later platform version, if it was a visualforce page I could change the api version, but I couldn’t do that for the process builder, how can I … Read more

Problem in moving communities from Sandbox to Production— getting validation errors

I am trying to move two communities, one Lightning commmunity(Customer Service template) and the other one salesforce tabs + visualforce. Getting the following validation errors when I try to deploy it from sandbox to production via change sets: Missing feature, Details: Installing this package requires the following feature and its associated permissions: Networks Missing feature, … Read more

How to add standard field lookup filter in to the change set?

I need to add lookup filter modification in to the change set which is done to a standard field in the Contact object. Is that possible to do? Answer I don’t think that it is possible to move custom lookup filters in standard objects between orgs with change sets. It should be possible using the … Read more

SFDX – force:source:deploy ignoring apiVersion override?

Using the SFDX cli, I exported some metadata from a dev org using the manifest option along with a package.xml file. (The package .xml specified api version 37.0) Now that i’m trying to push the same metadata into another Dev pro org, I’m trying to override the cli apiVersion using the following: sfdx force:config:set apiVersion=37.0 … Read more

How to move newly added picklist value from sandbox to test system

I have made changed in the global picklist. Now, I wanted to move the changes from one sandbox to another sandbox. How to move newly added picklist value from sandbox to test system. Answer You will have to deploy the whole global picklist. For this you can either use Change Set: create an outbound change … Read more

can’t make deployment because of .cmp error

I’m trying to deploy a custom lightning component into my salesforce org but it’s giving me the following error: CPQ_CPQOrderCICMP.cmp c.CPQ_CPQOrderCICMP: org.auraframework.util.json.JsonStreamReader$JsonStreamParseException: Expected ‘:’, found ‘(‘ [48, 14] This is my .cmp code: <!– @description Lightning component for NE__OrderItem__c records management [applies for CPQ_Order NE__Order__c records only] @author Pablo de Andrés @date 18/07/2019 –> <aura:component … Read more