Entanglement and the double slit experiment

Is the double slit experiment an example of entanglement when it seems as if the photon is going through both slits? Or put another way, is it at this stage when we attempt measurement we see a photon on one side affect the photon on the other side? Do entangled particles have to be made … Read more

How two photons interfere in a double slit experiment

I have a very basic question about photons in double-slit experiment. I am not good at math, and have some Quantum mechanics knowledge. Math free explanation would be very good to me. When we do double slit experiment with single photon at a time, it will be detected at some location of screen. Over the … Read more

Logic of the ‘imaginary wave function collapse’ argument in Double Slit experiment

My question is in regards to the stance that the ‘wave function collapse’ is not an actual physical occurrence. That is, you are not, by observation, changing the particles position from a wave to a particle, it is merely that the wave function is the probability of finding the particle at a particular point. In … Read more

Why incoherent source of waves have to be passed though a single slit for double slit interference pattern to occur?

Thomas Young used a single slit between the light source and the double slits. I can’t understand why did he used the single slit, since the light from only one source is coherent already or isn’t it? Does the narrow single slit make incoherent source coherent? Answer At the time of Young there were no … Read more

What’s the reason double-slit experiment can’t be explained by edge effects rather than quantum interference? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 6 years ago. Improve this question Say we had exactly this… But instead, it was a PING PONG GUN (imagine as table tennis players use to … Read more

Why are photons particles and waves, instead of particles that simply move in a wave pattern?

I understand the double slit experiment, but even with the results, why are photons determined to be particles and waves at the same time, instead of particles that move in a wave pattern? In bodies of water observed on Earth, a disruption causes water molecules to move in a direction and those interacting molecules move … Read more

Why is a filament lamp an incoherent light source?

I’ve tried to search for this answer but found no proper explanation. My previous ideas were… 1) It is not a point source, so the different points on a filament lamp may cancel out the light from other points on a filament lamp 2) It emits light rays at random (even though I’ve read this, … Read more

Double slit experiment; evidence of wavefunction collapse

This video shows the change of a photon’s interference pattern in real time of the Young’s single and double slit experiment. In this video it is claimed that by adding a detector to view how the photon moves through the slits the wave collapses and the screen will not show the interference pattern. The photon … Read more

Double slit experiment – what is the amplitude of the interfering waves?

I would like to consider a situation in which we fire single particles, one after another. If I understand correctly asking about the amplitude does not necessarily make sense. Unless I am wrong, the question is simply: what is the amplitude of the interfering waves? Instead I would like to ask what happens here: Black … Read more