How to automatically log G Suite (Gmail) emails to Salesforce Contacts, Leads, and Accounts?

Is there a way to automatically (without user interaction) log emails sent/received as Email records in Sales Cloud to the corresponding Contacts, Leads, and Accounts? Lightning Sync only handles Contacts and Events. The Salesforce Chrome extension doesn’t automatically log emails; you have to choose which ones to log. Looking for something that hands free. Answer … Read more

How to detect email platform used with AMPScript?

Problem: I used the Interactive email form for my Email Template, with a description related to it (description stay above the Interactive Email form, in a different block). But since Outlook hasn’t supported this feature (Interactive email), the email is hidden when I tested with Outlook, thus leading the description to stand alone out of … Read more

Does Lightning for gmail work with inbox?

I configured Lightning for Gmail, I was able t get it working from however when I swtich to I no longer see the Salesforce side panel. Is there a solution for this? Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Bartley , Answer Author : Community

Activity Actions in Gmail for lightning

When i open a Contact record in salesforce LTX it give me option of New Task, Log a Call, New Event under Activity Tab as shown below. But in Lightning for Gmail when i open contact and goes to Activity Tab i can’t see those actions. screenshot of lightning for gmail :- So is there … Read more

Force Apex generated events to sync with Gmail/Outlook?

When events are created with our custom UI, they get inserted via Apex. Apparently, when users have syncing set up, the syncing only occurs if the user creates the event in Salesforce1 or Lightning through the Salesforce UI. Is there something that can be done in Apex to force the apex generated events to sync … Read more

Dark Mode and Visualforce templates

I have been looking for a solution to be able to show the email body with white text and black background when the dark mode is enabled. But so far I haven’t seen any solution that is actually working .. I tried with following this guide but nothing : Is there anyone who had … Read more

Salesforce Inbox + Einstein Activity Capture – create new contact prompt disappeared

My client has been using Salesforce Inbox for a while, and now asked my to turn on EAC. Now that EAC is on, he is no longer prompted to Log the Email after sending it. Which is fine when a contact exists in SF, because it will auto-sync. However, when there is no matching contact, … Read more

Email to Case (on demand) forwarding via Outlook rules

I am having trouble to forward e-mails coming into my Outlook Exchange Inbox into the Salesforce environment (creating a case). I have managed to do this in Gmail, since it’s fairly easy to do so. Just followed the link: It looks like there is no proper answer on the internet for using this function … Read more

Google promotion tab [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Salesforce Stack Exchange. Closed 1 year ago. Improve this question I am trying to get extra promotion buttons in Gmail. The Salesforce documentation says that placing this code into an email Google … Read more