save the image to “OPEN_EXR” format in “ZIP” compression via python scripts

Manually Adding a new “Image Texture” for Cube and: “UV Editing” >> “Image” >> “Save As” setting 1: File Format=OpenEXR, the file size is about 8.4MB setting 2: File Format=OpenEXR with Codec=ZIP(lossless), the file size is about 34.0kB Python Script setting 3: the file size is about 16.8MB import bpy material =[“Material”] material.use_nodes = … Read more

EXR export has incorrect framerate

I have rendered an EXR sequence of 360 frames. The Scene framerate is set to 30fps but when I open the sequence in Davinci Resolve The footage is jerky and the metadata shows the framerate as 24fps. Is there something I’m missing? Any help much appreciated. Thanks Answer If you export seperate EXR frames there … Read more

OpenEXR animations and Adobe Premiere Pro?

I’m experimenting with rendering my Blender animations as OpenEXR MultiLayer image sequences (this video piqued my interest: The problem is that I do my video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere imports the OpenEXR images as black frames; there’s nothing I can do with them. Meanwhile, I installed an addon called “Exr-IO” which … Read more

Misalignment of depth map when projecting two views into 3D point cloud

Similar to this question, I’m projecting two views (RGBD) back to 3D point cloud, but observed severe misalignment. The two views are generated using the same blender script. The blender file is here. What I did was using the camera intrinsics and extrinsics obtained from rendering to project the two views back to 3D points … Read more

How to properly render emissive and transparent materials (fire) for compositing

I am rendering a fire to a multilayer EXR and then composite it using the method described in this answer ontop of my footage. One comment states that it is difficult to work with my EXR because I only have a beauty pass and my emissions and transparency aren’t separated. I also get all sorts … Read more

Compositor Blows out Image

I am exporting into half EXR’s with ACES_cg (would full help?) But as you see in the second image the compositor output is blown out. But when I take a look at the EXR it is not blown out but still does not go over 1 why? Can anybody explain to me why and how … Read more

save intermediate render result to OpenEXR not working (Cycles/ v.2.79)

I want to render a single frame of a texture and then print it in the measurements 150x266cm at 300dpi, therefore I calculated a render resolution of 31488x17717px, which seems to be a bit of a problem with Blender. I have tried rendering to TIFF but once it’s done and I want to save it … Read more

Has anyone had problems with the latest Super Image Denoiser (SID) add-on? [closed]

This question doesn’t seem to be about using Blender or in any way related to the software as defined in the help center Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Blender Stack Exchange. Closed 8 months ago. Improve this question The add-on installs and works fine for the most part. … Read more

EXR 32 bit alphaover white gives me grey in compositing

I am using the compositor to finalize an animation I did in OpenEXR multilayer at 32 bits. I am pretty new with these types of things regarding color management… etc. I am sure this has to do with some type of limitation or lack of understanding…but when I use the alpha over node to combine … Read more

How create perfect mask using ID Pass ( “clown pass” in Photoshop)?

Has anyone looked at the tutorial? regular ID Pass so that later in Photoshop it will be easier to select the necessary objects. But what I don’t understand is that even if you have this ID Pass (Clown Pass), you still can’t make perfect masks, the first picture shows how bad everything is. How did … Read more