Mixed user license policy – full Salesforce license and Force.com app license users

From my research, an org can have a mixed user policy; meaning that a subset of users can be on a full Salesforce license and a Force.com app license (or any other combo, I believe). One of the limitations of the Force.com app license is the number of custom objects that assigned users have access … Read more

What types of e-mails are counted against the daily SingleEmailMessage Limit?

I tried googling but couldn’t find a clear answer to what all emails that are sent from Salesforce count against the SingleEmailLimit of 5000 per day. Does workflow rule e-mail alerts count against this limit? If we have multiple additional addresses would that count against the limit too ? Thanks in advance. Answer All emails … Read more

Force.com IDE: Synchronizing with server blocks IDE

I am developing Apex code using Force.com plugin for Eclipse. When I save changes, synchronization with server begins and blocks the entire IDE. It takes up to 5minutes which is too long. Are there any options to disable blocking the IDE so I could develop more efficiently? Answer I’m using MavensMate for Sublime Text for … Read more

My Developer Org Hits Governor Limits when sending emails

From some reason I get a Governor Limit error in my development org while trying to test email sending functionality. Here is the governor limit error: System.EmailException: SendEmail failed. First exception on row 0; first error: SINGLE_EMAIL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED, Failed to send email: [] I probably sent up to 50 emails today, which is very low, I … Read more