Find cell with highest value of a cell range

I have a row of percent values. In the last of the row (Column E) I want the text to appear, that is in the very first row above the values: A B C D E ———————————– foo bar test foobar ———————————– 10% 13% 3% 1% bar ———————————– 1% 13% 30% 1% test ———————————– 9% … Read more

Select subrange of an array-returning formula like GOOGLEFINANCE()

In Google Sheets, GOOGLEFINANCE returns an array of values, like so: The formula is entered in A1 but the result extends into other rows and columns. I would like to “select” (not sure what the exact term is) a subset of this data. For example, I would like to select only the prices, without header … Read more

Using FILTER or IMPORTRANGE to bring in and filter data from another spreadsheet

I want to bring in data from a separate sheet and filter it. I can get IMPORTRANGE to work like this: =IMPORTRANGE(“URL”,”A:J) But that doesn’t filter. I can only get FILTER to work in the same sheet like this: =FILTER(Sheet1!A:J, C:C=”Yes”) Is there anyway to bring these two functions together and FILTER data from another … Read more