How is named credentials & auth provider with connected app used? Can i have scenario where it is needed?

I have seen people use auth. providers that has client secret and id of connected app and authenticated using named credentials. The named credentials stores the oauth refresh token but I am not getting why this flow is needed or what do we gain here. All suggestions appreciated. Answer From the Named Credentials documentation, an … Read more

Cannot list users – ERROR running force:user:list: Must pass a username and/or OAuth options when creating an AuthInfo instance

When I run sfdx force:user:list this is the error message I get: ERROR running force:user:list: Must pass a username and/or OAuth options when creating an AuthInfo instance. This issue came up after setting up Travis. Travis is able to create users but I’m not. EDIT: I get this error message also for trying to create … Read more

How to prevent users to use non registered connected apps

There are many web applications that connect to Salesforce with OAuth without configure a connected app (e.g. onegraph). How can we prevent users to connect such an application? Answer Setup –> Connected Apps OAuth Usage Here you should see all connected apps, the user count, and the option to “block”. You could block the … Read more

Get Permanent Authorization Code for Salesforce API [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to provide access to Salesforce REST API to external application without providing them Integration user credentials? (1 answer) Closed 1 year ago. I am new to Salesforce integration.I have a web application and want to post user data to SalesForce account.The examples available for this purpose required … Read more

Best authentication flow to use for Rest API without interacting or login to salesforce application?

We have web application that need to read & write data to Salesforce. For that, Web application have to authenticate with Salesforce and get access token. I refer all authentication flow mentioned at Salesforce community. As per the Web application requirement, in our case, there would be no user interaction that login to salesforce application … Read more

Is there an active Salesforce OAuth outage this morning?

It appears that multiple services were unable to oauth to salesforce this morning. I’m curious if anyone else saw this in their systems. We’re not sure what’s happening, it’s not a credentials issue. We’re wondering if Salesforce had edge network DNS issues and our client applications had issues resolving DNS for token endpoints. Answer We … Read more

How to call REST webservice without username and password in request –

I have created one restful class: @RestResource(urlMapping=’/showAccounts/*’) global class ExRestController { @HttpPost global static List<Account> getAccounts() { List<Account> acList; acList = [select id,name from Account limit 10]; return acList; } } And created connected app and remote access for the oauth implementation: 1) if i call the webservice from another instance by giving my username … Read more

Quickbooks and Salesforce Authentication OAuth Errpr

I am doing an integration of Quickbooks and Salesforce as 3-rd party solutions do not satisfy my requirements. I created Quickbooks online developer account and have an app and Customer Key and Customer Secret. I want to write a trigger in Salesforce that would write values to the Quickbooks accounts, but can’t get pass Authentication. … Read more