Truncate content after 2 lines in lightning component [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Salesforce Stack Exchange. Closed 3 years ago. Improve this question I am trying to show some lines of content in small div ( which i am building for utility bar). Tried so … Read more

Score Lead Account based on email opens / clicks from Marketing Cloud

Overview We have some custom ‘scoring’ fields on leads, accounts. The actual ‘score’ comes from a custom settings field and users get a score based on opens, clicks, etc and campaign; some campaigns get higher score than others. I plan to use a apex class to update the score field on the lead, account. Question … Read more

How to open component in lightning community?

My whole community is developed with lightning components,I want to stay on the same page if the page refreshes, and also to easily go to different pages with the query string. Ex. I have component A on home page (which contains data table) so on click of drop down menu of data table i am … Read more

How to customize record detail page of object for salesforce1?

I have below layout in Salesforce1, I want to add new tab after related tab with a custom lightning component. I tried to update page page layout from Lightning App Builder as below, but it is not getting reflected in Salesforce1, am I missing out something? Answer How Page Layouts Work in the Salesforce Mobile … Read more

Loop through html object collection [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Why are my JavaScript objects equal to Proxy {} (1 answer) Closed 3 years ago. How can I access the html element div.card as shown below, the div returns as Proxy{} in lightning and I cannot manipulate the DOM. The div comes from the content in controller because … Read more

Salesforce1 Navigate a user to “Create new record” page mobile with a url

I am creating a vue app that loads an iframe to show specialized information about an account. If the user wants to edit the account shown there is a hyper link and the href to the hyperlink looks like: ‘salesforce1://sObject/[record_id]/view’. This url successfully navigates the user away from the iframe and back into the salesforce … Read more

Fetching latitude longitude datat from image on IOS in SF1 App

I need to to fetch the Latitude and Longitude of Image captured or uploaded using SF 1 App.I am using EXIF to fetch the same in javascript(helper) While it is working on android , same does not work on IOS. Anyone have any idea how to do it. Below is part of my code which … Read more

Client Credential call for OAuth 2.0 providing “unsupported_grant_type”

{“error”: “unsupported_grant_type”,”error_description”: “grant type not supported”} I am creating a app to connect Salesforce to communicate(app-myApp to app-salesforceApp). So we took the channel “Client Credential” to communicate, I refer the blogs and documents provided over the internet, but not able to make the postman call based on that, but I was able to make the … Read more