Change primary domain on Google Apps without losing free account

I currently use my new domain as additional domain for my free Google Apps account but I actually would like to use it as the primary one. Unfortunately I read that it is only possible to change the primary domain by creating a new account. This would mean I would have to start paying for the account (I actually only use the mail function).

Is there a possibility to keep the free account but change the domain?


As you already read from the Google support pages:

at this time you can’t change which domain is your primary domain.

You can’t do it. So there is no way of “keeping” your free Google apps plan if you insist on changing the primary domain. However, keeping the primary domain is not usually a problem if all you want to do is change the “Organization name”. You can change the Organization name under Domain Settings -> General. Once you add the new domain name to the account you can also log in at

Source : Link , Question Author : bodokaiser , Answer Author : ale

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