Changing the color of a custom button

Is there a way of changing a custom button color? Not a button on the visualforce page but rather the ones created under custom and links on an object.



[comic but unsupported – don’t do this]

This can be pulled off, but you need to get crafty 🙂 here’s one I prepared with pink candy polka dots:

pink candy polka dots

  1. go to Setup > Create > Objects > [Your Object] > Custom Buttons and Links, and hit New,

  2. create a Detail Page Button whose behaviour is to Execute JavaScript,

  3. modify the following JavaScript, using your lowercased button name in lieu of your_button:

    (function() {
      var button = document.getElementsByName('your_button')[0]; = 'url("")';
  4. use a base64 encoder to format your JavaScript, which we’ll load and execute as a Data URI,

  5. paste it into the formula, noting the data:application/javascript;base64, prefix:

    window.location = '/apex/ns__PageName'; //button action when clicked

The usual caveat applies: using a Data URI here may be subject to future validation, but rest assured for now Salesforce support the use of REQUIRESCRIPT in a Custom Button. Your use is only cosmetic.

Further, if you wanted to separate the button click outcome from the pink candy polka dots, you could put the cosmetic JavaScript in a separate Custom Link which you place somewhere on the page layout. It’s one novel way of running JavaScript in the scope of a standard page without needing to configure the sidebar or use a narrow Home Page Component.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kenn K , Answer Author : Matt and Neil

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