Code Coverage column for apex class missing

I used to view % of code coverage in [Code Coverage] column for apex classes, after I run the test class.

Now the column is missing. I notice about one week ago.

How can I get it back as it is so useful and easy to check which lines are cover or not?

Even in Salesforce, they mentioned it in this link


Salesforce is trying to push the use of the developer console. You can still view the color coded view of your classes to see which lines are covered or not in the developer console.

I also find this highly annoying as the old way was much more useful, but SF is really trying to push the developer console.

After running your tests, you need to select the tests you want to look at and click the ‘Developer Console’ button. You can then choose the test in the Class Code Coverage tab

Source : Link , Question Author : kitokid , Answer Author : Chris Duncombe

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