Communities fully coexistent with Customer Portal, Partner Portal, and Sites?

I am working with a customer who has several pre-existing partner & customer portals live on their SFDC instance, as well as a few Sites. They do not want anything to change in these, but they want to add a new Communities instance. They currently do not use Communities.

Are there any gotchas/limitations/changes when you activate Communities in an instance with pre-existing portals? (Including changes to Salesforce license provisioning or costing for the “legacy” licenses, overlap of profiles, etc.)

The official Communities migration document states:

After setting up a community, you can continue to use your partner portal or Customer Portal.
Changes to community settings are completely separate from portal settings and have no impact
on your existing portal setup.

Which appears to be saying “no”, but I want to make extra sure that there aren’t any issues (including SFDC policy issues) that I’m missing. Please let me know if you have been through a scenario like this, and if you ran into any issues.

EDIT: the email response from the local SFDC rep was “Customer Community will not affect the existing Partner Portals, Customer Portals, or Sites.”


We recently had a conversation with Salesforce regarding this and were informed that the Portal system works in tangent with the Communities system without issue and that there was no effect on licensing for existing users.

We have yet to run into any gotchas (not to say there aren’t any) but the systems are treated as separate as per the documentation.

Source : Link , Question Author : jkraybill , Answer Author : pbattisson

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