Conditional page overriding using nooveride=1 #Salesforce1

I have to conditionally override standard Salesforce1 detail page for accounts but when I use nooverride=1, the salesforce1 still goes to the overridden page and enters an infinite loop. Can anyone put some light on why its happening and how can I fix this or is there any other approach to implement this?

I’ve tried navigateToURL and navigateToSObject as well but I couldn’t get through.


Currently, Salesforce1 effectively ignores the nooverride parameter on a url. As a result, when the user is directed to a page with “nooverride”, the system just tries to override the page again, resulting in an infinite loop. Salesforce 1 and nooverride parameter

That’s the “why”, but I’m unsure how to prevent this from happening. I’m trying to look into it too.

Source : Link , Question Author : user9792 , Answer Author : Bigears

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