Confirmation that it is presently not possible to create a custom icon and use it in a lightning:datatable?

The lightning:datatable has an “Appending an Icon to Column Data” feature that allows an iconName to be taken from one of the data fields and the icon output to the left or right of the cell text. The example uses standard icons such as “utility:down” in its examples. This all works in the simple test I did.

I’d like to use some custom icons in a lightning:datatable but think this is not possible for these two reasons:

  1. This Lightning SVG Icon Component Helper is no longer in the current documentation: is it correct that this approach no longer works (because of LockerService?) and that it is not possible to define a custom SVG icon?
  2. The lightning:datatable iconName is not a general component reference but in fact “the Lightning Design System name of the icon” which is a set of names that cannot be added to?

Are these correct assumptions?


Source : Link , Question Author : Keith C , Answer Author : Community

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