‘Contacts Registration Failed’ Marketing Cloud Connect error

We have set up Marketing Cloud Connect and have (for now) integrated our Marketing Cloud Instance with our Salesforce Sandbox. After we have taken care of everything for configuring the Connector, when we go to Data Sources in Contact Builder, for creating Data Sources from SF objects, we get to select the Objects that we want from an available list of SF objects.

Once we have clicked on ‘Synchronise’ the corresponding Data Sources are created from the SF objects selected, and subsequently the Synchronised DEs are also created.

We are getting the attached error for every Data Source created. ‘Contacts Registration Failed’ (pic attached).Errors

Has anyone encountered this error?


Currently salesforce support fixes this object by object if you open a support case. The support team told me that this is due to a bug in the Contacts object which causes contact registration to fail on depending objects (and even contacts object itself). According to salesforce a bugfix will be part of the next release (Edit: which will be on 27th January 2017 (Release Notes: January 2017 Release)).

Source : Link , Question Author : Nikhil Jaitly , Answer Author : Markus Dang – formerly Slabina

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