Converting an Existing Picklist to Use Global Picklist

Is there a way to convert or update an existing custom picklist to use a global picklist without deleting and recreating it? As most will be aware this cannot be done easily if the field is referenced in code.

In an attempt to find a way I created a global picklist, then a new picklist to use it – then pulled the object down into Eclipse to see if there was any reference to the global picklist. I couldn’t see any. I also cannot see any reference in the documentation on how to use the new feature with existing fields:


Salesforce support have confirmed this isn’t yet possible. Here are the ideas to vote up: . (partially delivered) (collecting votes to have it fully delivered)


We have option to do this in salesforce. This feature has been added as part of Summer 2017:

Promote Your Picklist Fields to Global Value Sets

Promote a single picklist field into a global value set by editing your picklist field and clicking Promote to Global Value Set.

Field edit dialog showing the Promote to Global Value Set button.

A new global value set is created, and the promoted field now references it. You can also use the new global value set for other fields.

There are a few limitations to be aware of:

  • You can only promote fields that have fewer than 1,000 values (both active and inactive).
  • You can only promote restricted picklists. If you want to promote an unrestricted picklist, first convert it to a restricted picklist.
  • You cannot promote a field to an existing global value set. But check out this Salesforce Lab App for some help.
  • After a field is promoted, you can’t demote it back.

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