Dashboard Refresh to Chatter

Does anyone know if there is a way to have a dashboard refresh daily and automatically post to Chatter? It would be like scheduling a dashboard, but instead of emailing it to anyone, it would post to a Chatter feed…


Have you had a look at dashboard chatter feeds?

I haven’t tried it but looks like combination of scheduled dashboard refreshes (meaning you’d still might have to “spam” one user?) and this could do the trick.

Setup -> Customize -> Chatter -> Feed Tracking -> Dashboard (if you don’t have it ticked already).

Only metrics and gauges with conditional highlighting set are eligible
for following. When you follow a dashboard, you automatically follow
all eligible components. (…) When the dashboard is refreshed, if the
value for a followed component crosses a breakpoint, an alert is
posted to your Chatter feed. If the component’s dashboard is filtered,
you receive an update only when the component is refreshed in
unfiltered mode.

So I guess you wouldn’t see the changes for whole dashboard, just metric/gauge pieces (probably so the Chatter post is not an one giant image).

Source : Link , Question Author : Paula Rogers , Answer Author : Doug Ayers

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