Decimal or double?

What datatype should I use in Apex Classes when I need to store a number with decimal places.

What do you use and why?


Biggest difference is the Double is a 64-bit and Decimal is not…..
In addition:

Scientific notation (e) for Doubles is not supported.

Also, currency fields in salesforce are Decimals. The scale (number of digits to the right of decimal point) can be set for a Decimal, but cannot for a Double. This is important for currency and other calculations (division). Doubles do not have this option. You’ll find that Doubles have a limited number of methods available to them compared to Decimals. Unless you know that you’re dealing with very large numbers requiring a high degree of precision, Decimals will generally be a better choice.

Here is a good discussion on the issue from people way more experienced in the ins and outs than me:

From Peter Knoll:

According to the primitive data type docs currency fields are
automatically assigned the type Decimal. Double is 64-bit. I’m not
sure what Decimal is behind the scenes. It might be BigDecimal like or
something else

From Rich Unger (Regarding the type of Decimal a decimal is:

For example, with Java you should never use floating point
representations to handle monetary calculations, but instead use
BigDecimal, and, as you stated you need to be careful with the
comparisons. The same goes for Apex with respect to Double

SF Decimal is a BigDecimal

Run the following in Exec Anon and you’ll see what I mean.

Double zeroPointZeroOne = 0.01;

Double sum = 0.0;
for (Integer i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
    sum += zeroPointZeroOne;

// 0.09999999999999999
System.debug('Double sum=' + sum); 

Decimal zeroPointZeroOneD = 0.01;
Decimal sumD = 0.0;
for (Integer i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
    sumD += zeroPointZeroOneD;

// 0.1
System.debug('Decimal sumD=' + sumD);

Comparing floating-point values

Its important to note that in the above Decimal example, in declaring Decimal sumD = 0.0;, the scale was set to 1, meaning 0.099 would be rounded up to 0.1 and 0.01 would be rounded down to 0.0. The default rounding would round 0.05 down to 0.0.

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