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I’m looking for a way to get the Default currency symbol (in a none-multi-currency org) of the salesforce org locale (to have it displayed on a visualforce page in a field that can’t be <apex:inputField> or <apex:outputField>) preferably query-able from apex (via the database, a describe or whatever) and then again the actual symbol, meaning € for Euro, $ for dollar, and so on…

There must surely be some sort of mapping hidden in the code somewhere salesforce does this via the input/outputfields if bound to an sobject of type currency

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


We ended up fixing it this way, this hasn’t been tested on a multicurrency org but this works on a singlecurrency org.

    public static String getCurrencyIsoCode(SObject someObject){
        String currencyIso = UserInfo.isMultiCurrencyOrganization() ? (String) someObject.get('CurrencyIsoCode') : UserInfo.getDefaultCurrency();
        return currencyIso;

    public static String getCurrencySymbol(SObject someObject) {
        return getCurrencySymbolFromIso(getCurrencyIsoCode(someObject));

    public static String getCurrencySymbolFromIso(String Iso) {
         String currencySymbol = 
           ('USD' == Iso ? '$' : 
           ('CAD' == Iso ? '$' : 
           ('EUR' == Iso ? '€' : 
           ('GBP' == Iso ? '£' : 
           ('JPY' == Iso ? '¥' : 
           ('KRW' == Iso ? '₩' : 
           ('CNY' == Iso ? '元' : 
           return currencySymbol;

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